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Events Gallery


2019 Manitoba Marathon

June 16th, 2019

On June 16th, 2019, the relay team sponsored by the EGM Chinese members chapter and realtor Xiao Xiong( Jett) participated in the annual Manitoba Marathon.


The relay team has 5 members. They finished the whole race of a full marathon for only 3-h-29-min-08-sec. The team is the 26th position out of 383 teams, and it is the best achievement since 2016 which is the first year the chapter started sponsoring a relay team. The distance of each leg varies from 7.9 km to 10.5 km, everyone did a great job fighting for our relay team. 

2019 Spring Technically Presentation

Time: 5:45pm - 8:00pm May.10th 2019

Location: ROOM E2-330 at Engineering Faculty, University of Manitoba, Winnipeg, MB.


On May 10th, the 2019 Spring Technically Presentation (the Second) of Chinese Members Chapter. The event was open to members of Chinese Chapter and public. 41 people were in attendance.

The keynote speakers were Dr. Bin Luo, Senior Hydrologic Engineer of Manitoba infrastructure, Kan Zhong, Electro-Mechanical Designer of Buhler Verastile Inc. and Lana Zhu, Network Study Engineer of System Performance Department of Manitoba Hydro.

The Technically presentation covered three topics including: Surface water management in Manitoba, Mechanical in Electrical, and Work at Manitoba Hydro as a Power System Study Engineer. Before each presentation, background of the speaker was introduced by MC, Dr. Qiuyan Yuan, executive of Chinese Members Chapter and Assistant Professor of University of Manitoba.

Whole session lasted 2 hours. During the presentation, speakers kindly shared their projects and work experiences, at the meantime, attendees also proposed opinions and suggestions.

Logo Competition

Date: Mar 2019

Location: Online

A total of nine (9) pieces of creative designing work from 3 participants were received since the launch of the Logo Competition in January 2019. This event aimed to fully exhibited the creativity of the chapter members and set a meaningful and aesthetic logo for the chapter. The chapter executives reviewed all the designs and after two rounds of voting, Mr. Jiawei Yang’s design was finally selected as the official logo for the chapter.
The idea of the design comes from a traditional Chinese wood construction technique called “Mortise and Tenon”, which refers to perfectly interlocked structural joint without the presence of fasteners or nails. This logo is an abstract presentation of this ancient wisdom, symbolizing smooth collaboration between our members, just like how Mortise and Tenon have been working together to support structures for thousands of years. The outer black structure- Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba, wraps around the inner red core- Chinese Members Chapter, subtly implying that the future is part of the former.

Annual General Meeting

Date: 21 February 2019

Location: Riverview Garden Restaurant (3564 Pembina Hwy, Winnipeg MB)

The 2019 Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held at Riverview Garden Restaurant, 3564 Pembina Hwy in Winnipeg, Manitoba. A total of 44 members participated. The AGM started at 6:00 pm and ended at about 9:30 pm. The special guests invited to the event were Kathleen Clarke (Communications Instructor of IEEQ Program), Ray Sator (Chair, Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Pilipino Chapter), Siye Cao (Personal Banking Advisor, National Bank of Canada), and Jason Shang (ACT Realtor).
The AGM started with a welcoming note and the annual activity report presented by the Chapter’s Chairperson, Wing-Keat (Wayne) Wong. Mr. Wong introduced the current executive committee of EGM Chinese Members Chapter and summarized the events held in 2018. He also presented the tentative activities for the upcoming 2019 and introduced the newly launched Chapter’s website. During the AGM, all the past volunteers were acknowledged and their contributions were greatly appreciated. Sue Arongna, the Treasurer of the Chapter, presented the financial report for 2018 and the 2019 budget. New executive committee members were nominated for the term of 2019-2021 with a brief introduction from each nominee. They are Jasmine Li (Chair), Sue Arongna, Steven Wu, Dr. Qiuyan Yuan, Mia Wei, Jia Chen, and Zelin Li. Wing-Keat (Wayne) Wong will serve as the Past Chair of the chapter until 2020.
The Keynote speaker for the event was Ms. Kathleen Clarke. The title of her presentation was “Culture and Communication in the Canadian Workplace”. She talked about the cultural differences in the Canadian workplace with advice of how to reduce misunderstandings using effective communication skills. Ms. Clarke also encouraged the audience to know more about the Canadian history and embrace diversity. The presentations were well received by the audience. The event was followed with a final speech provided by the sponsor, Mr. Siye Cao of National Bank regarding investment under the National Bank and concluded bypassing the new year’s best wishes to all the members.

Technical Tour (New Flyer Inc)

Date: 1 Nov 2018

Location: New Flyer Inc (711 Kernaghan Ave, Winnipeg MB R2C 3T4)

A total of 19 members visited the New Flyer Inc. manufacturing facility situated at 711 Kernaghan Avenue in Winnipeg. It should be noted that the number of visitors has been limited by New Flyer. The purpose of this annual tour is to provide an opportunity for members to have a better understanding of how the New Flyer’s bus production line works. It is understood that New Flyer was first founded in Winnipeg, Manitoba in 1930 with more than 88 years of history. Today, New Flyer is the largest transit bus manufacturer and parts distributor in North America. The layout of the facility is designed to achieve efficient, low carbon emission and low operational costs.
All the visitors were requested to attend a safety briefing before they attended the tour. The safety briefing helps to ensure the safety of attendees prior to entering the facility. During the tour, all visitors were requested to stay in the passage line and requested to wear a pair of safety glasses. During the tour, tour guides from New Flyer introduced the functions of various departments and some on-going projects. Members were also guided through the product line to take a closer look at each assembly. The product line includes welding, stamping, coating, power assembly, etc. It is understood that a few final steps of the bus assemble such as windows, lights, and engines installing are to be completed in the United States. The whole tour took about two (2) hours and ended at around 8:00 pm.

I.P.A.C. Summer Picnic

Date: 18 Aug 2018

Location: Kildonan Park Hawk & Owl shelter

This joint event was organized by the ethnic-based chapters (Indian, Pilipino, Arabian, and Chinese) under Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM) in the form of a potluck. The objective of the potluck was to create a multi-cultural networking opportunity for the members and their families to enjoy the beautiful summer, share their authentic cuisines, and embrace the diversity from the engineering community in Manitoba. A total of 65 people that comprise of 35 members, 19 spouses and 11 children from the Chinese Members Chapter attended the event.
The elected president of EGM, Mr. Johnathan A Epp and other event sponsors Mr. Siye Cao of National Bank of Canada and Ms. Jingyi He of ACT Realty were invited to the event. The event kicked off at 12:30 pm started with an ice breaker game, People Bingo, which participants have to fill in the name and obtain the signature of the individual that meet Bingo’s description. Delicious authentic food from different cultures was enjoyed by participants while Mr. Johnathan Epp, Mr. Siye Cao, and Chairmen from each Chapter each gave a short welcoming note.

In addition to People Bingo, they are other games, such as Dodge Ball, Jump Rope, Tug of War, and Water Fill Up Contest were also held during the event. All of the games were much enjoyed by both adults and kids. At the end of each game, prizes were awarded to the winners. The event ended at around 4:30 pm.

EGM Chinese Members Chapter 2017 Annual Meeting 

Time: 6:00 to 9:00 pm, 23 February 2018​

Location: Riverview Garden Restaurant (@ 3564 Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB)

Chinese Members Chapter (Chapter) is commencing the 2017 annual general meeting (AGM).  It has been confirmed that the AGM will be held on 23 February 2018 (Friday).  During the AGM, the Chapter executives will summarize the 2017 annual activities and present the most updated financial report.  We are honored to invite Jonathan A. EPP., President of Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba (EGM) and Sharon E. Sankar, Director of Admissions of EGM to be the event keynote speakers.  The title of the presentation is "All about Fundamental Engineering (FE)".  It should be noted that participation in the event can receive 1 hr professional development hour (PDH).

Plant Tour at Buhler Industries Inc

Time: 5:30 to 7:30 pm, October 18, 2017

Location: 1260 Clarence Ave. Winnipeg, Manitoba.

The Chinese Members Chapter (Chapter) has been given an opportunity to visit Buhler Versatile Inc.

2017 Summer Picnic

Date: August 19, 2017

Location: St. Vital Park

EGM Chinese Members Chapter had a joint summer picnic event together with three other ethnic-based (Indian, Philippine, and Arabian) chapters.

Job Recruitment Introduction
Date: May 3, 2017
Location: Room E2-350 in the engineering building of University of Manitoba.

Three presentations were given during the event to share job recruitment experiences and to introduce the Federal's Settlement Online Pre-Arrival (SOPA) Program. The Chapter were honored to invite Mr. Barry Millen, VP Manitoba/Saskatchewan of the Headhunter, Mr. Wing-Keat Wong, Senior Geotechnical Engineer of Amec Foster Wheeler and Chair of EGM Chinese Members Chapter, and Ms. Echo Duan, Job Search Strategies

Engineers Geoscientists Manitoba Chinese Members Chapter 2016 Annual General Meeting

January 21, 2017

EGM Chinese Members Chapter Annual General Meeting

Jan 26, 2017

EGM Chinese Members Chapter 2016 Annual Meeting

Jan 26, 2017

Technology Tour (3D Metal Printing) at PRECISION ADM

Time: 5:00 to 6:00 pm, October 20, 2016

Location: 1595 Buffalo Place, Winnipeg, MB

The Chinese Members Chapter (Chapter) has been given an opportunity to visit Precision ADM, a 3D metal printing facility. Precision ADM Inc. (PADM) is the first start-up company currently wholly owned by the Orthopedic Innovation Centre.  PADM was incorporated 11 May 2015 and has since operated out of the OIC facilities.  PADM identifies, develops, and manufactures high value components and device applications for the medical, aerospace, energy and industrial sectors.  The medical industry is moving towards patient specific devices to offer better, more personalized therapies.  The aerospace industry is innovating towards lighter and more fuel efficient aircraft while developing new components with reduced, expedited supply chain.  Their solution to clients is to provide digital manufacturing design and/or manufacturing solutions to make their products more efficient and functional than those made with conventional manufacturing methods.